He tried to steal a WHAT?

Late, late last night, about the time the sun rises for some of you, I came in for a bit just to look around.  I’d seen a post in Hamlet’s blog about a unofficial representation of a movie set that was in mid-production, so I thought I’d go take a look.

Soon I found myself in The Shipyards, looking out over the good ‘ole NCC-1701.

She was quite a sight to see. And if this is in the middle of being built, I can’t wait to see the final product.  Still, it was a beautiful thing, and at this hour I was the only one lurking around…

I found a window that was set to phantom and ventured out for a closer look (I later discovered that the elevator would have worked just fine). She still needed some body work completed, but looked pretty close to being finished. Maybe they left the keys in the ignition… a little low-altitude flying at 1/4 impulse wouldn’t use too much gas… nobody else is on the map…

I spent close to half an hour looking for the clutch.  There were screens everywhere that seemed to be flashing bit and pieces of an instruction manual, but I sure couldn’t read them. They looked sort of like they were in English, but not exactly.  I’ll try to come back next week if I can get Solcar to come along and read them for me.

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