Our Very Own Pyrokinetic

I recently joined Blu and Sandry out on a shopping trip. I wandered off the designated path and ran into this guy:

He seemed like an odd little guy, but I brought the girls over to meet him anyway. I don’t know if he was set off by something Miller said, but he promptly started blowing stuff up.

Now he follows us everywhere. You can’t go for five minutes, and you turn around, and there he is.

You try to take a nap, before you can even get your eyes closed, he’s there watching.

Once, he thought he could blend in unnoticed dressed in someone else’s clothes. I don’t think Blu bought into this for a second.

More of this guy’s annoyances can be found in Miller’s blog entry,  Asploded. If you happen to run into him, stay a few meters away. He seems polite enough and is generally a pleasant fellow, but he self-combusts spontaneously and frequently, by what appears to be absolutely no pattern or provocation whatsoever.  Thankfully, he rarely demonstrates this on others unless you make the mistake of touching him first.

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  1. Miller says:

    I never said Nuffink!

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