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Sunday, August 26th, 2007

[19:39] You: i was in search looking for bicycle
[19:39] Blu Sparkle: why?
[19:40] You: because my landlady makes me park my nissan on the other side of town
[19:40] You: 😉
[19:40] Blu Sparkle: well, your landlady doesn’t allow vehicles
[19:40] You: she doesn’t allow motorized vehicles, right
[19:40] Blu Sparkle: vehicles
[19:41] You: oh
[19:41] You: what is boat?
[19:41] Blu Sparkle: different
[19:41] You: no bicycle?
[19:41] Blu Sparkle: geeze
[19:41] You: stationary bicycle?
[19:41] Blu Sparkle: ok, no motorized vehicles then
[19:42] Blu Sparkle: just a mo
[19:42] Blu Sparkle: let me change the group charter so that Ebi can have a bike
[19:42] You: hehehe
[19:42] You: no
[19:42] Chiva Vavoom: i’d like a unicycle
[19:42] You: i misunderstood
[19:43] Blu Sparkle: ok, charter changed
[19:43] Chiva Vavoom: awwwww, she a good landlady
[19:43] You: i don’t need bicycle if youdon’t want them there blu
[19:44] Blu Sparkle: no, that’s fine
[19:44] Blu Sparkle: it’s in the charter
[19:44] Chiva Vavoom: so
[19:44] Blu Sparkle: 🙂
[19:44] Chiva Vavoom: Blu
[19:44] Chiva Vavoom: can i have
[19:44] Chiva Vavoom: a galleon?
[19:44] Blu Sparkle: a what?
[19:44] Chiva Vavoom: galeon
[19:45] You: you know, technically, a jetpack doesn’t have a motor
[19:45] Chiva Vavoom: or maybe tea clipper
[19:45] Chiva Vavoom: they probably faster
[19:45] You: neither does big UFO
[19:45] Blu Sparkle: NO UFOs!!!
[19:45] You: but
[19:45] Blu Sparkle: No starships
[19:45] Chiva Vavoom: no flying hamburger either, or so i heard
[19:45] Blu Sparkle: No FedEx trucks
[19:46] You: what about pedal-car FedEx truck? they have no motor
[19:46] You: like flinstones car

At this point, Blu turns and walks off.

[19:47] Chiva Vavoom: we may need to choose a different topic of conversation